5 Ideas For Green And Healthy Smoothie For Breakfast

The first thought in the morning that disturbs you a lot is the fact of what to have for breakfast? Well, there are a lot of healthy options that one should incorporate within the schedule.

Coconut Clementine Smoothie

Ingredients: 4-5 Clementine that are cleaned rinsed and all strings removed; ripe banana – 1 sliced and frozen; coconut milk half cup, a handful of any greens like – spinach; ice cube- as required; cilantro or mint leaves.

The instruction to the recipe: Blend and smoothen all the ingredients. You can alter the taste of the smoothies by adding more frozen and sliced bananas for the sweetness, add more ice cubes to make it thicker according to your choice. You can add herbs according to your choice for earthiness as you love it. This is a rich source of carbohydrate, protein, saturated fats and fats as per required in the body.

Energy Smoothie With Kale And Banana

Ingredients needed for this: three-fourth cup of almond milk; frozen and sliced banana – 2, pineapple – 2 chunks, kale – 2 cups (heaping cups is best). You can alter bananas with any fruit of your choice or add two more of fruits like apple and mango along with it.

To make this smoothie follow the recipe: Blend kale and frozen bananas into a rich, smooth mixture. Remember scraping the sides and then start adding milk as stored and saved. Add the pineapple and also save some for garnishing. The amount of milk could be altered depending on the amount of thickness required. Serve chilled with some ice crushed in the mixture blender along with the milk. This recipe serves two and is a good blend for instant energy.

Green Smoothie With Coconut And Mango

Ingredients used for the recipe: for greens add – spinach – a handful, cucumber – 1 large peeled, sliced and rinsed. The other favors are from Jalapeno – one fourth chopped, mint – a few leaves for favor and garnishing, coconut water – one cup, mango – 1 chopped and lime – 1 freshly squeezed juice.

Recipe for the same: you need to put all the ingredients into the blender and extract a smooth puree. Adjust the amount of coconut water according to the thickness you like. If you want chilled servings, you can take the ingredients out of the freezer or just make ice cubes out of the coconut water by freezing it in ice trays. Add the mint at last to get a different flavour.

Fall Green Smoothie

Ingredients: cashew almond Milk -2 cups, kale leaves – 2 cups, frozen pear chunks – 1 cup, grapes – 1 cup (preferably frozen), small banana – 1 sliced and frozen.

Recipe: combine each of the ingredients in a powerful blender in the order mentioned above. Blend for about 3 minutes or until smooth. Begin low and gradually to high. Serve immediately. This makes a huge serving which could be divided into two medium ones.

Ginger And Pear Smoothie

Ingredients required – large ripe pear – 2, bananas ripe – 2, lacinato kale – 8 stalks; ginger – small piece finely chopped; 16 ounce bottle of kombucha for citrus flavor.

Recipe: add the pears after chopping them into small quarters, same goes for the banana. Kale is to be added next along with ginger. Blend them into a smooth puree – add all the ingredients properly. Adding of water is according to your choice and adjustment of thickness as liked by you.

7 Kidney Detox Herbs To Cleanse Kidney At Home

The kidneys in our body aid filtration of body fluids and excretion of toxic waste.Flush out all those icky toxins from your kidneys and urinary tract to boost energy levels.Cranberry juice has been touted for years as support for the urinary tract. Beet Juice. Beets and beet juice contain betaine, a very beneficial phytochemical.Parsley is a potent, natural diuretic herb that can cleanse the kidneys. Dandelion Root. Marshmallow. Ginger. Turmeric.Chanca piedra, supporting the kidneys and clinical trials have confirmed the plant’s effectiveness. Goldenrod. Hydrangea Root. Horsetail. Celery Root.